Down with the D, the H of Humanity and Hours precedes now money.

This monetary system is meant to be universal. It is inspired by Bernard Friot’s model (all life wage) but with consent. This system will be supported by a social system Athomix (please see next page).

Let’s take Sandra’s example. She has 3 main activities : sleeping, family time, and managing an Hotel team of worker. Every hour of existence on the system will be paid 10 Hollars.

When Sandra engages into a productive activity she engages skills and experience. The 10 Hollars will be multiplied by her CUI (Common Utility Indiciary : qualification and experience).

Sandra has 1.7 CUI. She earns 17 Hollars per hour of productive activity.

On a normal day, she works 6 hours and makes 265 heuros a day (18 x 10 + 6 x 17).

With that amount, she can buy in the system.

This currency will create a new accounting paradigm. Instead of considering the engagement of the Sandra’s time as a cost, it will be counted as an investment.

Her yearly time engaged (1 500 hours) represent 25 500 heuros, which the enterprise can invests, up front.

The money has a time stamp which makes it usable during 2 years, after that it is recycled in the system. Money must move.


This is a new social organization (social network) which consider the elective process can be substituted by sortition to designate group representants.

Election is a power full tool that gives almost divine power to the person elected. It transcend them, for the best sometime, more often for the worst.

Athomix considers humans as atoms which bond with one another and form molecules/groups of atoms.

In Athomix, a user can initiate a bond, precise its intentions (productive, affective or administrative). It can determine the way power is distributed (election, social shares, dictatorial or sortition). Other user that could share its intention could join the group/molecule, would consent to the organization of power and engage their time in order to realize the group intentions.

The time of work is paid in Hollar (please see at the back)

Local administrative molecules are responsible for the book keeping for the affective and productive groups/molecules located in their territorial limits.

Central admins are picked among users by sortition, they will be responsible for deciding the law with the consent expressed via referendum.

Tax will be abolished and administration will provide clear information on the projects they want to set forward so users can decide freely what services they need, at which level. Administrations will not serve the political power but their population.

Borders will also be abolished.

Anis, Azzam, Julien, Mihail, Paulina, Jamie, Nikol, are thinking, building and designing this system. If you want to get involved or help them financially, you are very welcome.

Hollar : a one way ticket toward Democracy.

Social share : 35 euros

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